Annette Learns Crypto Trading, Part 1


  1. The Pandemic has fueled my interest in a different structure than the current favored fiscal system. I’m investing in a decentralized monetary system as the standard.


Some Vocabulary


  1. Jim has been trading crypto since 2016 and encouraging me to do the same. Although I’ve been keen to do so, there was something daunting about learning a whole new world that kept my interest at bay. He set me up with a few hundred dollars worth of BTC on a Kraken account and here I am.
  2. The Dollar Vigilante aka Jeff Berwick. Since March 2020, I’ve been watching his YouTube videos where he walks in various locations throughout Mexico talking to his phone on a rotating selfie stick about his thoughts on COVID-19 and the global response to the pandemic. He worked in finance at some point, made a lot of money, and now shares his anti-authority, anarcho-capitalist, collapse-of-the-Dollar-$$$, crypto-centric viewpoint, makes a lot of money doing so, and shares how you can too. He may not be for everybody and sometimes I get the feeling he is gleeful about what he sees as the impending dollar collapse, but what I do value is learning a perspective from somebody who navigates the system in a way that works for him.

What’s Next


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