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Annette Kim
Forget rules | Live true |

Here’s a tip: Don’t write “ baby “ in a post on Facebook Marketplace — You will be flagged for trying to sell an actual baby, it’s true.

Last week, in preparation for our move to Bali, I put my 2005 Honda Accord on the market.

“My baby’s at 240k and has plenty of life left in her.”

There was a flurry of activity as people pounced on the opportunity. …

Individual & the Group

In light of recent events in the modern narrative, the idea of social responsibility has raucously collided with individual sovereignty.

This is a particular place and intersection with which I’ve had a long-established and storied relationship.

Such a timely topic in fact because I am currently, and successfully, I might add, unlearning the rules of the former, in favor of the empowering context of the latter.

The rules that say that I am somehow indebted to my family, my ancestors, my ethnic group, or my country to live my life in a certain way for their benefit, over mine. …

Stepping out into the fresh air, there is a lovely scene unfolding in the oldest plaza in San Juan in front of the oldest cathedral in the Americas. A woman in a dress stretches as a man photographs the indolent afternoon.

It is sunny and bright as I continue my walk and every turn I make has me swooning like candy for my senses.

Each cobblestoned street breathes into my imagination ladies with parasols and colonial-style gowns, gentlemen in top hats and canes, monks in coarse cloth clutching symbols of their god, swarthy seafarers, hardy women hanging laundry in the…

Healing of the mother

Photo by Casey Tucker on Unsplash

The landscape whizzes by the window as the sun sets beyond the pale blue, dusky mountains in the distance. The smell of strong tea wafts from a samovar on a cart down the corridor and is accompanied by the squeak of wheels and clink of silverware and china.

There is a soft knock as a door slides open along its rail and the hushed, polite chatter from the beautiful attendant follows. The mother tongue is deep and rich. The words are substantial and occupy the mouth fully, the tongue wraps around each syllable, tasting it.

I poke my head out…

My favorite way to explore a city is by bike.

Whizzing by pedestrians and cars, wheels churning interminably fast, it is akin to flying.

Photo by Metin Ozer on Unsplash

When access to pedal power is unavailable, another favored option is to run.

It feels a bit more salt of the earth to use my two feet. Honest transportation. No devilish wheels here!

And so it came to be that shortly upon arrival in the Condado neighborhood of San Juan, Puerto Rico I lace up my sneakers at the time of day when afternoon is settling into evening and the streets are abuzz with energy.

The Route


The journey is the destination

The soft, lilting chatter of Spanish floats across the aisle from two young ladies, one of whom is gently rocking a baby stroller back and forth. This, along with the fresh, light breeze, turquoise waters, and occasional caw of a faraway seabird paint the picture of the ferry’s dock on which I find myself this morning.

View from the ferry dock — Vieques, PR — 11/2020

There’s a familiar excitement and anticipation for the trip ahead. The old adage — “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey” — comes to mind. …

Housesitting in Vieques

It’s been more than a month since we landed in Vieques and I have fallen in love with this island.

As a girl used to cities, suburbs, and rural-ish towns, small island living is an eye opening treat.

Something about the remote geography, no stoplights, beautiful beaches, laissez-faire attitude of governance, delicious fruit falling off trees, and the option to practice yoga outside every morning is the perfect concoction to deem magic.

Jim picking avocados off the tree

First Glimpse

When we arrived, however, I felt like a stranger in a strange land. Quite often I forgot we are still technically in the United States. …

Take the Quiz

I just finished reading Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help You Find — and Keep — Love by Amir Levine and Rachel Heller and was struck by what healthy relationships look like, as modeled by secure attachment styles.

The book provides a link to an official quiz so you too can find out your own attachment style. The quiz is part of research conducted by Dr. Chris Fraley of the University of Illinois so it’s legit.

I took the handy quiz and found out I am Anxious-Avoidant. Classic!

The book doesn’t talk much about…

Where to Start

In Part 1 of my series, Annette Learns Crypto Trading, I shared what I learned in getting a lay of the land, the why behind my interest, some handy vocabulary, and tools and resources.

Since then, I’ve signed onto the Kraken exchange, ready to make my first trade. And, I stalled. I still didn’t know what the fuck to do.

My goal is to trade altcoins, i.e. any cryptocurrency that’s not Bitcoin, but as I sat there staring at the exchange website, I realized I still didn’t know what to do.

I wasn’t looking to hodl, i.e. crypto nerd speak…


When we left Texas, we also had to get rid of our sourdough starter. It was a bit of a lament because Jim started it in New Hampshire and it traveled with us across the country and I made my first beautiful crusty sourdough loaves with it in Elgin. Since arriving in Vieques, we haven’t had a taste of bread as there isn’t much in the way of options here. The bread available in the mercados is that enriched white baloney that disintegrates in your mouth.

When Jim got a tip last week that there’s a man on the island…

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