Seven Insights from 200-HR Yoga Teacher Training

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Yesterday, I wrapped up two magical weeks in Tepoztlan, Mexico of yoga, meditation, and breathwork. I had intentions going into the experience and I was blessed with things that were not even on my radar.

At first, some of these insights may not seem related to YTT but they all sprung forth with great meaning during the training.

1. There are times for space and silence.

Relationships are beautiful and can be troubling. Learning how to navigate them in a loving manner has been quite the trial-and-error process.

There are times when space and silence are life-giving and healing. It forces one to look inward with those burning questions.

Turns out, we usually already know the answer.

View of the magic montanas in Tepoztlan

2. Chanting is fucking fantastic.

Having been raised in the church, I grew up singing hymns and worship songs. Here, we sang Kirtan (chanting mantras) and I was brought back to my childhood.

There is something magical about singing with others; it does something deep within the body, especially when in devotion to that which is greater.

A number of times during kirtan, I was moved to tears. Like one morning when I connected with, and saw, in a woman’s eyes as she sang, a profound suffering.


3. Holding energies, cleansing

A realization has been slowly rising throughout the weeks and it came above ground the past few days — that I am very sensitive, highly intuitive, and feel things deeply.

At once, many things clicked into place with this insight.

I’ve since been practicing not absorbing others’ energy or getting leaky with mine. Not that it will ever be 100% since we live in a relational world where connecting with others is like gravity. But perhaps there is choice available in the when, where, and how?


4. Conserving energy, getting out of Role layer

Ways to protect and conserve my energy are to be mindful and listen to my body: if I’m tired, take a nap; if I want some alone time, go on a walk by myself, as well as cleansing rituals like Palo Santo or Sage, salt soaks, and stop wearing Black.

Black absorbs energy, while lighter colors, like White, reflect.

Also, stop playing all Roles.

Whatever Role.

Gestalt Therapy outlines a state of living called Role Layer. This layer is the most superficial and furthest from Spirit. It’s the one where we “play a Role”: student, working professional, mom, hipster, spiritual, whatever … fill in the blank.

Within groups, there arises a need to belong in order to survive. And I never figured out where I belonged. I wasn’t the funny one … or the cool one… or the smart one … or the pretty one … or the wild one … so who was I?

It’s exhausting to exist in Role layer because it’s like rehearsing lines or trying to get the right answer to a question that doesn’t exist.

So, I set the intention to stop striving to be X, Y, and Z and start living from a place of No Pressure.

It feels scary at times but being real doesn’t exhaust me like its inverse does. Oftentimes, I worry whether I am projecting a dour mood (like MTV’s Daria vibes) but even the state of being dour is acceptable for me these days.

Allowing it to be, allows it to pass. And each moment I exist without pretense, I’m in contact with the real thing.

5. “Tailbone tucked in, ribs tucked, tuck tailbone again, chin slightly down.” Alignment

If there’s anything technical I will forever remember from this training, it’s this: “Tailbone tucked in, ribs tucked, tuck tailbone again, chin slightly down.” Alignment

When sitting cross-legged, we were directed this sequence of posture cues. When standing, we were directed this sequence of alignment cues. While practicing yoga, we were directed this sequence.

What this does is engage the area below your belly button. In yoga this is called the mula bandha. The body then automatically aligns so the channel of breath is free to flow optimally.

6. There are many ways.

There are many ways to reach enlightenment. Gurus or teachers are there as guides to show the way they went but ultimately, the journey is mine.

Try things, flow, explore, find what works and discard what doesn’t.

Remember: If you want to find water, you don’t dig ten 3-foot wells, you dig one 30-foot well.

7. Devotion

There are many ways, and mine is the way of devotion.

It’s a gift from my mother, the most devoted person I have ever known.

Lotus. 10/2021 Tepoztlan, MX



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